Juliana LePine is a Brazilian sculptress that lives in Canada. She started sculpting in 2010 after making her own wedding cake topper and getting lots the attention from her guests!
In a short period of time the artist was known for creating different techniques that allowed for many realistic features that were never achieved before in cold porcelain before.
In 2011, Juliana started teaching her innovations through Youtube, online classes, DVD’s, and had a large base of followers from all over Brazil.

Even with a very demanding schedule, Juliana has always kept studying and testing new techniques with different materials.
In 2013 she switched from cold porcelain to polymer clay to be able to create more realistic pieces with finer attention to minute details.

With her miniatures portraying people and animals in polymer clay, the artist gained international prominence, building a public base of more than 700 thousand followers. With a loyal audience, many of her videos have went viral, one of them reaching more then 80 million views worldwide.

Nowadays, in addition to commissioned work, Juliana is preparing a series of sculptures dealing with the theme “Domestic Violence” in partnership with her students and Dianne Madray of Cadva.org.  Juliana is also preparing a series of 30 famous musicians.

The artist also continues to give live online classes in English and Portuguese.