The Old Witch

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Recent Portfolios

  • Freddie Mercury

    Mama Gaia

    30cm Unique Piece - SOLD
    Axl Rose


    18 cm- Unique Piece Signed by the artist
  • Marilyn Monroe

    Ooak Doll Collectable- 24 cm Unique Piece - SOLD
    Forever Love

    One of a Kind - 18cm
    Pregnant Alice

    One of a Kind- 18 cm
    The Old Witch

    Ooak Doll - 24 cm Unique Piece - SOLD
  • Henry

    Ooak Dolls- 18 cm Unique piece -SOLD
    Ross- (David Schwimmer)

    Caricature- 18cm Unique Piece - SOLD
    Jennifer Aniston

    Unique Piece- 18 cm - SOLD